to 3 Stores in TST



Schnatter Store

SchnatterStore entrance 

Deco Paradise

Deco Paradise

Furnitures, Lamps, Plants, Atlantis/Aquarium

Food Court

Foot Court 

Food, Drinks, Ceramics



Eleonora Schnatterschnabel or Ele

  With different timezones, I may be asleep when you are awake ;-)
To make it easier (and it works pretty well) just
Esp your Order with Room and Item Name and I will contact you ASAP.

 Front Room Items in all 3 Store's are for sale too like Corals, Fishes, Rocks, Statues, Wearables, Fuzzies etc. Structure of the Rooms are not for sale like the Aquarium Border/Frame or the Counter.

AW SchnatterStore Front Room:

Heads 5 PP
Hats, Glasses 3 PP
Necklace, Earrings, Popsicle 2 PP
Dresses/Clothes 6-8-9 PP

or trade for another AW Item

Even if you have no PP  just esp we will find a way.

Token-Items: Most of them are 200 T's.
Rare and Event Items:  ask

I have many items in storage. If you're looking for something specific or an item in a different color, please ask!

Deco Paradise:
Decoration, Big Items, Trees, Plants, Tables, Seats, Christmas Trees, Snow, Clouds and big Items etc.
Ask me for different colors or any Item, I may have it.
Vmart Items are old Items but if it is in Vmart right now you pay less than the original.
Just let me know or ask.

Stuffies, Wearables, small Items, Halloween, Christmas small.
If you are looking for something just send an ESP and I will look for it in my Storage.
Bears, Foxes, Ducks, Fuzzies, Dragons etc.

Food Court:
Food, Fruits, BBQ, Sweets, Dinner, Ceramics, Drinks


Ele Ghost

Februar 2019 MoBo